Keep Good Going

Hello folks! As most of you are aware, or not aware, depending on who you talk to and where you get your news, South Louisana was recently devastated by catastrophic flooding. On Saturday August 13, most of us down here lost something, but many people lost everything. My parents home where I had been staying with my two children was spared by the burgeoning Amite River, but not by the severe backup of storm drains and sewage caused by historic rainfall of over 31 inches in a single day. Our home was in 4 feet of very nasty water for about two days.

I’m sure you’ve heard countless stories in the last few weeks coming out of Louisiana about the resiliency and courage of her citizens during the evacuations. It’s been amazing to see our communities coming together the way they have, the way they always have. The broken have been here for the broken and together we are slowly but surely beginning to make things right again. It is process that will take many months, maybe a few years, and though normal may not come home to us for some time, we Louisianans have great strength of spirit that learns well from adversity and fights back with love, humility, and a party platter. Somewhere the kettle is still brewing, the pot is still boiling, and the music is still playing, and the good times forever roll.

I snapped a few photos from my neighborhood yesterday and caught a sign with a very fine message that I think might benefit all of us.


Speaking of music, I’m very happy to tell you that it looks as though “Carosuel” is finally spinning.  Mixing is essentially done, and all that’s left is mastering and getting yall some CDs made! I’m excited to share with you for the first time what I shared with my campaign contributors a few days ago. My friend Matt Dawson created the cover art for my record and I couldn’t be happier with it. Here it is, and here it comes! Be looking out for a release date soon!


Love y’all.



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