A Year Ago


One year ago today, my crowd funding campaign to make a new record closed with well over the amount I needed to make it happen, all thanks to you! The where’s and how’s changed quite a bit from point A to point B, and things are ever changing still, but the record is nearly done! I just went into the studio today actually with fresh ears to hear all that we did back in August. I am very pleased with the album. We’re still working out the kinks and getting a few last minute sessions in, but I expect that it will be finished and ready sometime this summer! I know I said last time that in my next post I would have an official release date and album art to show you, but this ain’t that post. Sorry! For now, I’ll just go ahead and give you this. Here is the final list of all 14 tracks that will feature on “Carousel” (track-order still to be determined):

– Big Deal Blues
– Junkyard Baby
– Diesel Moon, Marlboro Sun
– Theresa Full of Light
– Well Enough
– Jennings, LA
– For The Love of Sarah Pine
– Holiday
– Misery Maid
– No Word From Henry
– Carousel
– Centralia, PA
– The Slaying of J.S.J.
– The Outlaw & The Rambler


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