Well ladies and gents, We’ve made a record! A few weeks ago, in Baton Rouge, LA at The Legendary Noise Floor, I wrapped up vocal and guitar tracking on all 14 songs of “Carousel”, which I hope to have ready for you sometime around the first quarter of 2016. If you’ve followed the development of this project, or if you’ve contributed to the budget through my Indiegogo campaign, you will know that the journey to making this record has gone by way of the valley for some time. I’ll not rehash the storyline, there’s several recording updates from blog posts past that you can familiarize yourself with if’n you wish. What’s most important to know at this point is that we have pushed through the wall and are dancing on the other side! I am so happy with the results of this record and I couldn’t be more proud of the work that was put into it. I’d like to do a little name dropping at this time if you please…

My producer was John Tulley, and my assistant engineer was Zachary Graeser. I spent more than a week in very tight quarters with these two gentlemen and never once did they drop off or loose interest in me or this project. In fact, they leaned ever further in as we went along and invested more time and energy than they probably could afford to on only a few hours sleep and after one of them (Zach) actually fell ill. I am so grateful for these dudes. John took to the vision and scope of this record right away and was very patient with me in the process. Mr. Tulley is a gentle soul and a brilliant mind, and I’m glad to have had his influence over these tunes.

Contributing their musical talents to this record, was a troupe of local artists and musicians from the Baton Rouge area that I grew up listening to and playing with over the years. There was one who gave a lot of creative direction to the project, and that was my bud Clay Parker. I honestly couldn’t have accomplished this without him. Joining Clay were guitarist Ryan Harris, pedlin’ steeler Paul Buller, accordion and keys player Ben Herrington, Drummer Micah Blouin, Bassist Robert Kling, fiddle and mandolin player Joel Paul Wilson, precussionist Melissa Wilson, and vocalist Jodi James. These are some of the finest at what they do and I promise you’re not soon to find anyone better. Thanks for making me sound pretty y’all.

We also spent three nights locked up over at Presonus Studios in Baton Rouge to track Drums and Bass, which was awesome! Presonus has an impressive studio space, and I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking to make a record. We had a great time with Eric Welch who was our in house engineer over there. Eric is a great dude, and I’m so glad I got to know him. He, along with everyone in the room at the time did a great job of helping me calm down after we thought we had lost our best take of the song “Jennings, LA” when the hard drive crashed. We were all a little bit heartbroken because it was our last night there, and we felt so good about that take! I really let it get to me. I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. John Tulley lost a lot of sleep that night trying to recover files, and by the next morning to our great surprise John was able to retrieve the song! That was a great day. It made me glad to be surrounded by folks who lose hope a whole lot slower than I do.

After a week and two days, we turned out something I am immensely proud of and can’t wait to share it with you, my family, and friends!

Thank you to everyone who helped bring this thing to life! You are AMAZING!!!!

Stay tuned! ….

Jacob Zachary


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