On April 5 I posted some sad news. Due to changes in management, we lost our chance to record at Sun Studio here in Memphis, TN. (sad face) We regrouped, went through a handful of plan B studio choices/dates, and eventually landed at Dockside Studios in Lafayette, LA.  After some scheduling conflicts in July, we decided to shoot for the last weekend of August.

Unfortunately, these last few weeks have presented some unique challenges for our producer Jeff Powell that have made it very difficult to know for sure if he could remain committed to the project. Without being able to make headway fast enough considering the conditions and decisions that Jeff was faced with, and without knowing how that would affect our working relationship in the next few months, I’ve had to give Jeff leave of the project to let him concentrate on more pressing matters (sad face).

No studio. No producer. To compound the issue, I am now on a deadline. I’m happy to announce that I’ve accepted a worship leader position at a church in Wilmington, NC. We will be moving mid-September at the latest. Our plans were made before we lost Jeff, and our last scheduled dates for recording were set for the last weekend of August. Our heads are spinning. We have so much going on, so many things to do to get ready for a move, and so little time now to do it.

In the last hour, with the help of my friend John Tulley, I’ve come up with an new plan. We’re moving the project from Dockside Studios about 60 miles east to Baton Rouge, LA. We will be recording in a co-op music and arts space in Downtown Baton Rouge called The Legendary Noise Floor. Recording dates have basically remained the same, however this new option potentially gives us a lot more time to record, which is great.

Now that things are finally moving forward with greater speed, updates should be coming in a lot more frequently. I’m excited and I look forward to all of the good things ahead of us!

Thanks to everyone who stayed on me to keep them in the loop of what’s been going on. With all the frustration over planning and re-planning, it’s been great to know that folks are really eager to hear this record. I’m thankful for your continued support, and I can’t wait to finally make this happen!

Stay tuned!


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