I’m very happy to announce that “Be Kind”, a co-write between myself and singer/songwriter Brian Morykon recently covered by Ricky Skaggs and Sharon White for their first duet record “Hearts Like Ours”, has made it on the first ballot of the Dove Awards selections for “Worship Song of the Year”! This is the first time that any project I’ve been involved in has been considered for any sort of award. I couldn’t be more thrilled! The song first featured on Brian Morykon’s AMAZING debut record “The Smallest Seed”. Go check that out right now, right here!

I’m so happy for Brian and Joy Morykon, and I’m thankful to Mr. Ricky Skaggs, Mrs Sharon White, and the PR team at RS Entertainment for helping launch this song into the gospel music realm. Please go check out their phenomenal new record “Hearts Like Ours”, click here!

Voting is for GMA members only and the first ballot closes on August 4th. Final nominees will be announced on August 12th. We are sure to be among a list of many fantastic songs and songwriters, and I wish them all the best!  

Brian Morykon web: http://www.morykon.com

Ricky Skaggs web: http://www.rickyskaggs.com

Stay tuned!


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