The Setting SUN …


As you all know, nearly two months ago I closed on a fundraising campaign to make my next album and fulfill my dream to record at the legendary Sun Studio here in Memphis, TN. For reasons both logistical and creative, I chose a specific group of people to work with. Without going into too much detail, the decision to record at Sun was greatly influenced by the working relationships I have with certain members of this group. Throughout my campaign, Sun Studio actually became the theme for this project but it wasn’t until I knew I had the funds to make the record that I could begin to move scheduling plans along with the studio and my producer. Unfortunately, the timing could not have been worse. Something unforeseen has occurred.

In the last six weeks, the likelihood of making my record at Sun diminished from recording the whole album, to a partial recording, to finally this week learning that the window of opportunity for me to record ANYTHING at Sun Studio is almost definitely closed. After speaking with my producer Jeff Powell, we feel we’ve done everything we can to keep the “Sun” from setting, but alas THIS record will not be made at Sun Studio.

I am obviously very saddened by this news, and sorry to all of you who trusted the aim and scope of this project to meet it’s mark in a very specific way. It was out of my hands. I think it would have been a special experience for all those involved. I remain hopeful that I will get the chance to record at Sun Studio someday soon, but for now it’s high time this project find it’s feet and we think we’ve got some pretty amazing places in mind for them to land. One possibility is Dockside Studios way down in my neck of the woods just outside of Lafayette, LA. One of the great advantages of recording at Dockside, other than its beautiful amenities and laid back atmosphere, is the proximity to all my South Louisiana bandmates who won’t have too far to travel. Of course, should we decide to keep production here in Memphis we could always set up at the wonderful Ardent Studios or a handful of other great spaces around town. These are just some of our options moving forward. Phone calls are being made, and a decision will come within the month.

I owe it to you to let you know what’s happened, and I’m sorry it’s taken so long for me to give you this update. I just wanted to be patient and make sure we gave every effort to fulfilling all our original goals. I think we have, and to be honest, I’m happy to just be moving forward, finally.

I can still promise you that this record will be every bit as good as it was always going to be, and I can’t wait to get started!


Jacob Zachary


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