Confessions of A Crowd-Funder


Occasionally we need a little more than we have in order to do the things we are built to do. I’m an artist who makes music. The culture of musical artists maintains that occasionally we make records. The industry of music maintains that making GREAT records will cost lots of money, and that if you’re not an artist in the industry you’re an artist on your own dime.

After 10 years in waiting to make only my second record, I’ve partnered with a group called Indiegogo which offers a platform for a service called crowd-funding. It’s a simple structure. For a small percentage on the dollar, it allows for folks with creative ideas to launch a fund-raising campaign to raise money via social networks and word-of-mouth. The individual sets a goal and is then given the option of a time-frame, in my case 40 days, to reach that goal before expiration. I started my crowd-funding journey on January 1st. I now have seven days before my campaign expires on Feb. 10.

Asking people for money is awkward, especially on a deadline. We all have some degree of an emotional connection to the money we make or the money we need. If you’ve been following me on any of my social networks, you know that I’ve been pretty relentlessly promoting my campaign. Out of desperation, I may have actually been a bit forward or pushy. For that, I sincerely apologize. I’ve learned unfortunate things about myself and my relationship with others concerning money in the past month, and I’m glad that I was finally entering into the last week of this process over the weekend.

On Sunday morning, however, at Highpoint Church where my family and I attend, my pastor gave a sermon on speaking with edifying words and how the tongue is either an instrument of death or life to those around us. Moved by the Spirit at the close of service that morning, my pastor Chris Conlee called me up in front of the church with him and proceeded to speak words of life into me by making a public acknowledgement of my campaign and not only encouraging me in it, but also encouraging our church family to lend their support to it. It was an overwhelming and at the same time a very uncomfortable experience. While definitely bolstering my confidence and faith and affirming Gods grace and providence over the project, it definitely wasn’t something I would have chosen for myself if someone were to ask me if I wanted it. I had to either except it for what it was, a blessing, or stand up there feeling like a big thief. It was hard to say much more than “wow” and “thank you”. I came home with my daughter’s diaper bag full of cash and checks totaling over $2300. When I told my wife, I think she stopped breathing for a few minutes. By that time I only needed $520 to reach my $5000 goal, which means I was overfunded that day by over $1800!

That’s, 141% FUNDED, with still 7 days left to go!

I am so grateful for my church family and ministers at Highpoint, a perfect place for imperfect people like me. A place that extends compassion without compromise. A place where love works. Thank you for blessing me! Click HERE to learn more about Highpoint Church in Memphis, TN. If you live in the Memphis area and are looking for a church, come visit us!!!

I want to thank ALL OF YOU who have contributed and supported me from day one! I love you all very much! We did it!!!

If you had planned on contributing, please don’t feel like you’ve missed your opportunity. My $5000 goal was based on a minimum expectation for cost, so having been overfunded is obviously a boon for me when projecting a final budget, especially when you consider other non-studio expenses I will have (e.g. Paying Indiegogo for hosting my campaign, your incentives, travel & accommodation cost for my musicians traveling from Louisisna). A little extra cash also provides us extended time in studio to record extra takes on songs, or to add more songs onto the record. All that said, as long as there is still an opportunity to contribute, or show your support by sharing my campaign, please do so, and THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

Again, many thanks to all of you for your love and continued support. I can’t wait to make this record and to have the chance to share it with all of you!




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