Happy New Year!

On December 6th & 7th of 2014, I came down to Baton Rouge, LA to play a free private show for my hometown fans. I did it for three reasons:

1. To say thank you to the handful of artists and musicians who shared the stage with me for agreeing to help me make a record in 2015,

2. To let my hometown fans, friends, and family be the first to know that I am planning to make that record at the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis, TN and that a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo.com would be launching on Jan 1st, and …

3. To make a video for that campaign featuring footage of our rehearsal and performance

My campaign page launched yesterday and I couldn’t be more pleased. I wanted to share my campaign video/link here and say thanks to all the folks who made it possible. In the next 40 days I will need to raise at least $5000. Please take the time visit my campaign page and make a pledge to support my next record! I can’t do this without YOU!


[vimeo 115761418]

   Special thanks to the following folks. Some of these names are hyperlinked. Do me a favor and check ’em out. Tell them I said hello! For your love and support, thank you:

Adam Walters w/ Contrast Films, Clay Parker, Ryan Harris, Ben Herrington, Paul Buller, Joel Paul Wilson, Melissa Wilson, Robert Kling, Jodi James, Micah Blouin, Rob Chidester, and last but certainly not least my beautiful wife Aimee Zachary


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