What a great three week run we had with the #myjacobzachary campaign on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It was interesting to see how productive a social networking campaign can be for a relatively unknown artist with no money, a smidgen of creativity, and limited knowledge and resources. I am grateful to all of you who clicked, liked, commented, and participated in my 40+ annoying posts.

So, what did the campaign accomplish? Well when you consider the process of elimination you must go through in order to make a final playlist for a record, you have to hope that it’s worth the pain of cutting out and measuring up songs you love for and against the inclusion of other songs you love. What makes it easier is knowing you’ve at least got that handful of songs that your fans love, and that’s what this campaign has been about: finding out what the hardcore from among my fan base consider to be my best songs. Those are the songs I most want to record, and those are the songs that will be exempt from elimination.

And the results are in…

# of different voters: 25
# of total votes: 46
# of song selections: 12

Of the 12 songs suggested for the upcoming record there were 4 that stood out among voters. Here are the songs that you have locked in for the next Jacob Zachary record:

1) Diesel Moon, Marlboro Sun (11 votes)
2) Centralia (8 votes)
3) Jennings, LA (6 votes)
4) No Word From Henry (6 votes)

(NOTE: all or some of the other 8 suggested songs may still feature on the next record)

Stay tuned for more recording news!


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