Recording plans and projections for my next full length record have been left unattended in the waiting rooms of more important appointments and priorities. Until now, it’s just where they’ve belonged. Im a new father to an AWESOME baby boy, Ezra Flynn (nearly 5 months now) who is still getting to know his two-year-old big sister, Iley Harper. They are incredible! My wife and I are full-time parents now, although I will have to give Aimee more credit for hours served in that office, not only because she just kills it a being a great Mom, but because I am often away from the home putting in hours as the president of our carpet cleaning business we started in February (like our page! Bluff City Chem Dry). The Zachary family is working hard and making it count! The cool thing about the distance I’ve had to put between me and recording is that it’s helped me settle on more practical reasons for wanting to do it at all. The things I want to get back from it are less “dreamy” and to be honest, less selfish than the notions I’ve had in the past. Most importantly, it simply needs to contribute in some way to the economy of my household. Secondly, it’s necessary for my health. I need this chance to exercise the creative energy that has been pressing at the gate of my heart and mind for so many years.

As it was in my last recording update, my producer of choice remains Memphis native Jeff Powell. He’s an incredible engineer and just a great guy. I recorded two songs with him last year just to get a feel for our chemistry. I think we gelled naturally.

This update comes with the exciting news that I have my first $1000 on the table to help get me started whenever Jeff is available. The funds have come in the form of a gift from some very dear and sweet hearts from my faith family at Highpoint Church. Words can not describe my gratitude! Though It won’t take me all the way there, It will start the wheels in motion and hopefully get me at least 3 or 4 songs deep into the playlist. I can not wait to get started.

In my next recording update, I hope to actually be recording.




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