Pre-production Update: Producer

   Moving forward with plans for my next project (see last post), I’ve enlisted the help and consultation of one possible candidate for producer, and I’m thrilled that he is interested in working with me. His name is Jeff Powell.

jeff_powell__displayJeff worked almost exclusively with Ardent Studios here in Memphis for a time, and though he is still very close to the Ardent family, he does mostly independent projects. Jeff is a very ‘hands on’ guy and often chooses to operate as both producer and engineer. He would more than likely continue in that capacity for my next record, should he sign on to produce. In the past Jeff has worked with several of my favorite bands and artists as engineer and producer for the likes of David Eugene Edwards‘ old band 16 Horsepower and the Denton, TX based indie rock band Centro-matic fronted by Monsters of Folk touring bandmate Will Johnson. Most notably, Jeff has made records for Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bob Dylan, and the soundtrack to the Denzel Washington film “The Great Debaters” scored by James Newton Howard.

Very soon, we will begin working our way into the pre-production phase for “Carousel”, talking over specifics of the record and fleshing out a solid play-list of 10 or more tracks. From there I imagine the next step would be to work out logistics for recording which will include, most importantly, a budget, a studio, and personnel. This phase will almost definitely require a very effective and successful fundraising campaign through Kickstarter.

carouselOne of the things I am most excited about, and it’s something I eluded to at the close of my last post, is having fans participate in the aesthetic production of this record by submitting photographic album cover and lyric book art concepts in a fun, friendly competition where I will ultimately choose the most compelling pieces to represent this record and each of it’s songs. The winners work will be featured in the record with their names, faces, and a bit of information about them. Photoshopers and Instagramers alike will be allowed to participate! Details for this campaign will coincide with the development of a final play-list for “Carousel” which will be revealed here in due time, and will also include song lyrics to inspire the shutterbug in you! It’ll be good fun, so stay tuned!

I’ve included a very insightful video of Jeff Powell being interviewed by Artist House Music at The Folk Alliance Conference in Memphis in 2007. Look for the next update in about a month.

It’s about to get really real y’all.



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