To those of you who read the previous April 11 blog post announcing plans to record a new 4-song EP entitled “Boy King”, I have an update. Unfortunately, I have decided to forego producing that record as well as the following two EP’s I had planned to tackle in the next year and a half. My hope in making these EP’s was to follow a chronological path in the evolution of my music by capturing songs from times past (post 2004’s Fury & Spin) leading up to three full length records that best represent my current catalogue of music. Upon returning to that previous music however, in order to record scratch tracks, find a studio, musicians, and come up with a budget, I suddenly felt a strong sense of displeasure and resentment that immediately challenged the spirit of the initiative altogether and gave me a bad taste in my mouth. Put simply, my heart was not in it. There may have also been a unnecessary desire to seek validation for a music I had already made a conscience decision to move away from. Returning to it just did not make sense.

Moving forward, my plan is now to record a full length record entitled “Carousel” by years end.  Plans for this record are in development, but there will soon be a call for creative design ideas from you for the album artwork.

I can’t wait to share this body of work with you. Stay tuned for song titles, lyrics, themes, and other information!

So sorry for the delay and possible false hope. I’m quite sure you will be delighted with what I have in mind.

Happy 4th,





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