Hello all! I just recently submitted a fan favorite song, “Theresa, Full of Light” for a songwriting competition hosted by Guitar Center called SINGERSONGWRITER 2.You can check it out by clicking here! It was free to submit, but here’s the deal…In order for me to get the special attention of the judges, I need to raise fan support on the social media platforms listed below. The more Jacob Zachary fans I can get on each of these platforms, the higher I will be ranked on the leader board every week, and the more likely my music will actually be heard by the judges! If you haven’t become my friend or liked me on any of the following social media platforms, please, please do so before Dec. 23rd (contest closing date), and help me get one step closer to the following contest prizes: (among other things) a new guitar, a new demo recorded by grammy award winning producer John Shanks (Sheryl Crow, Bon Jovi, Alanis), $10,000, and an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! In light of so many rare goodies I could receive if fortune should smile upon me, you might start to see how important of a break this could be for me and my family IF you participate!

   All you have to do is click on the social media icons that appear below the video of the song I submitted, “Like” me, or add me as a friend! THEN, once your done, tell all your friends about me, so that they can become a fan too! It’s that easy. Thanks everyone!


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