Cherokee Roses Tour 2010

Almost two years ago in January, Luke Ash, Jordan Courtney “Bro. J”, and I set out on what we were calling an “east coast” tour. We played almost every single night for two weeks from Baton Rouge to Brooklyn with stops in between in places like Nashville TN, Jackson MS, Asheville NC, and as pictured in the photo above, Birmingham AL.

On our way into Brooklyn in the middle of our tour, Luke challenged Jordan and me to race him from the Washington Monument to the lap of Lincoln. I don’t know what made all .8 miles of this sprint seem so possible, wearing galoshes and three coats in the blistering cold wind but I said, “yeah, okay!”. We started running and I passed out in the grass after only about 5o yards or so, breathing very heavily. To my surprise, I looked up to see Luke running away at an impressive pace. He takes jokes very seriously, sometimes sustaining them without end in the suspense of a punch line that never seems to drop, and that’s why I love him. I wondered if he hadn’t stopped to come back for us, if he could have/would have really done it. I’m sure he would have. I, on the other hand, got a seriously not funny sore throat and cold that I wouldn’t be able to shake until only a few days before this photo was taken. I spent nearly $100 on tea, cough drops, cough syrup, and sprite.  It became my diet.

Bryan Johnson snapped this photo of us a few hours before our set that night in his studio at the Phoenix Building in downtown Birmingham.

Another tour may be in the works for January…stay tuned.


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