Yellow Leaf Arts Festival

Hey folks! It’s that happier time of year, when we crack open our winter closets for a few light layers, and we become somehow more intentional about making our coffee in the morning. The change in the air does something to the way we behave as a community. We’re outside more, away from the glow of tv screens and computer monitors, our flickering fluorescent sunrises, and our fears of global sweating. We come into the autumn light with a clean pair of eyes, and the instinctive desire to celebrate something, as we in our modern civilization must somehow compensate for never knowing the joy of the harvest. So, we have festivals! I’m writing to inform you that I will be performing within a circle of songwriters this year at the Yellow Leaf Arts Festival in St. Francisville, La. on Sunday, October 30th from 10:15 ’til about 11:45. I will be joining fellow Louisiana songwriters Nancy Roppolo, Kevin Johnson, and Mandy Williams on the Entergy Live Music Stage. I plan on arriving the day before to see my friends Jodi James and The Moss Pickers play their sets at 1 and 3:PM. For more information on The Yellow Leaf Arts Festival, click here.


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