August 24, 2014


In the second week of the #myjacobzachary campaign where fans get to choose the songs that will feature on the next record, 4 songs were suggested. “The Slaying of J.S.J.”, “Theresa Full of Light”, “No Word From Henry”, & “Diesel Moon, Marlboro Sun”. Sound off on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to name your favorite being sure to include #myjacobzachary. Or, if you’re feeling creative, submit photos of items that correspond to each songs theme using the keywords provided:

“The Slaying of J.S.J.” – YOUR EYES
“Theresa Full of Light” – WINGS
“No Word From Henry” – MAILBOX or TELEPHONE
“Diesel Moon, Marlboro Sun” – THE ROAD

Have fun!

In the third and final week, four more songs will be suggested, and the record playlist will be announced shortly thereafter.



August 17, 2014


In the first week of the #myjacobzachary campaign where fans get to choose the songs that will feature on the next record, 4 songs were suggested. “Well Enough”, “Junkyard Baby”, “Centrailia”, & “Jennings , LA”. Sound off on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to name your favorite being sure to include #myjacobzachary. Or, if you’re feeling creative, submit photos of items that correspond to each songs theme using the keywords provided:

“Well Enough” – light bulbs
“Junkyard Baby” – something broken
“Centralia” – fire
“Jennings, LA” – home

Have fun!

In the next two weeks, eight more songs will be suggested, and a final playlist will be announced shortly thereafter.


August 16, 2014



August 16, 2014

Let’s have some fun!

Starting today and continuing through the next few weeks, I’m going to be taking to Twitter and Facebook via Instagram with the hashtag “myjacobzachary” attached to a simple multiple choice question: “If I could only record ONE song, which of the following would you most want to hear?” If the campaign catches on I’ll continue until I have 10-12 fan selected songs that I’ll take straight into the studio for my next album! Plans are already underway for recording, and may include a trip to the legendary Sun Studios here in Memphis, TN. WIth the deciding votes for each fan selected song, I will include the name of those fans in the liner notes of my record as creative contributors.  Ready? Lets go. First one drops today. 

…also, if you’re unfamiliar with a song, there’s a good chance you’ll find a video recording of it somewhere on this blog. If there isn’t one, I’ll record it! 



July 29, 2014

Recording plans and projections for my next full length record have been left unattended in the waiting rooms of more important appointments and priorities. Until now, it’s just where they’ve belonged. Im a new father to an AWESOME baby boy, Ezra Flynn (nearly 5 months now) who is still getting to know his two-year-old big sister, Iley Harper. They are incredible! My wife and I are full-time parents now, although I will have to give Aimee more credit for hours served in that office, not only because she just kills it a being a great Mom, but because I am often away from the home putting in hours as the president of our carpet cleaning business we started in February (like our page! Bluff City Chem Dry). The Zachary family is working hard and making it count! The cool thing about the distance I’ve had to put between me and recording is that it’s helped me settle on more practical reasons for wanting to do it at all. The things I want to get back from it are less “dreamy” and to be honest, less selfish than the notions I’ve had in the past. Most importantly, it simply needs to contribute in some way to the economy of my household. Secondly, it’s necessary for my health. I need this chance to exercise the creative energy that has been pressing at the gate of my heart and mind for so many years.

As it was in my last recording update, my producer of choice remains Memphis native Jeff Powell. He’s an incredible engineer and just a great guy. I recorded two songs with him last year just to get a feel for our chemistry. I think we gelled naturally.

This update comes with the exciting news that I have my first $1000 on the table to help get me started whenever Jeff is available. The funds have come in the form of a gift from some very dear and sweet hearts from my faith family at Highpoint Church. Words can not describe my gratitude! Though It won’t take me all the way there, It will start the wheels in motion and hopefully get me at least 3 or 4 songs deep into the playlist. I can not wait to get started.

In my next recording update, I hope to actually be recording.



  Several years ago, I co-wrote a worship song entitled “Be Kind” with my friend Brian Morykon (Brian performed on, produced, and mixed my 2004 record “Fury & Spin”). In 2012, Brian recorded “Be Kind” on his debut album The Smallest Seed. The record was produced by Luke Skaggs and features the talents of his sister Molly on keys and vocals. These are the multi-talented children of Grand Ole Opry star Ricky Skaggs who recently picked up “Be Kind” for one of his own projects which is currently in production and features his wife Sharon White of The Whites. That album is due out sometime in September. Mr. Skaggs is frequently found performing in places such as The Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN where I hear he will be appearing just days from now with his wife Sharon for the summer annual Springer Mountain Farms Bluegrass Nights. It’s hard to say how excited I am at the prospect of stars such as Ricky and Sharon filling the air of one of Americas most important concert halls with the lyrics and chords Brian and I put together over a few short emails and Soundcloud comments. It’s just Bizarre. I’m so proud of Brian and grateful for the vision he had to write such a simple yet poignant song that I really think everyone needs to hear, over and over again. To God be the glory forever and ever for all our little triumphs!

The following is “Be Kind” from The Smallest Seed by Brian Morykon.

To learn more about Brian, his awesome family and his awesome music, click here.

My family and I attend Highpoint Church here in Memphis, TN. We became partners of this fellowship a little over two years ago where I quickly fell into place on the music ministry team. Just before we came along with our newborn baby girl Iley, Highpoint had released a fantastic worship record called “LIVE TO LOVE” featuring 10 original songs. Back by popular demand, the record has been re-released as a Deluxe Edition featuring two new live audio/visual recordings of “RISEN KING OF GLORY”. I was selected to lead the acoustic variation of the song, the recording of which took place the very night before my son Ezra was born. My familial connection to this project and my faith family is very special to me and I’m so happy to share the following videos. To find out more about Highpoint Church in Memphis click here! To hear more from our worship team, click here! Enjoy!

Our bud Caleb Sigler got creative over the summer and launched a live concert series in Memphis called 3 Artists, 1 Yard. The series looks to continue into the Fall with a new rotation of great local artists and bands. The concept is a slightly modified version of the wildly popular DIY house concert that serves as an intimate alternative to the more conventional club/bar atmosphere. Caleb’s vision is very community oriented. It’s all about celebrating the Memphis we actually know, not the Memphis we pretend to know. Its about family, friends, neighbors, great food, conversation, and of course, a diverse selection of awesome local music. Choose 901 recently caught up with Caleb to talk about 3 Artists, 1 Yard. Check out this video and follow Caleb on Twitter @calebsigler.

   Moving forward with plans for my next project (see last post), I’ve enlisted the help and consultation of one possible candidate for producer, and I’m thrilled that he is interested in working with me. His name is Jeff Powell.

jeff_powell__displayJeff worked almost exclusively with Ardent Studios here in Memphis for a time, and though he is still very close to the Ardent family, he does mostly independent projects. Jeff is a very ‘hands on’ guy and often chooses to operate as both producer and engineer. He would more than likely continue in that capacity for my next record, should he sign on to produce. In the past Jeff has worked with several of my favorite bands and artists as engineer and producer for the likes of David Eugene Edwards‘ old band 16 Horsepower and the Denton, TX based indie rock band Centro-matic fronted by Monsters of Folk touring bandmate Will Johnson. Most notably, Jeff has made records for Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bob Dylan, and the soundtrack to the Denzel Washington film “The Great Debaters” scored by James Newton Howard.

Very soon, we will begin working our way into the pre-production phase for “Carousel”, talking over specifics of the record and fleshing out a solid play-list of 10 or more tracks. From there I imagine the next step would be to work out logistics for recording which will include, most importantly, a budget, a studio, and personnel. This phase will almost definitely require a very effective and successful fundraising campaign through Kickstarter.

carouselOne of the things I am most excited about, and it’s something I eluded to at the close of my last post, is having fans participate in the aesthetic production of this record by submitting photographic album cover and lyric book art concepts in a fun, friendly competition where I will ultimately choose the most compelling pieces to represent this record and each of it’s songs. The winners work will be featured in the record with their names, faces, and a bit of information about them. Photoshopers and Instagramers alike will be allowed to participate! Details for this campaign will coincide with the development of a final play-list for “Carousel” which will be revealed here in due time, and will also include song lyrics to inspire the shutterbug in you! It’ll be good fun, so stay tuned!

I’ve included a very insightful video of Jeff Powell being interviewed by Artist House Music at The Folk Alliance Conference in Memphis in 2007. Look for the next update in about a month.

It’s about to get really real y’all.


To those of you who read the previous April 11 blog post announcing plans to record a new 4-song EP entitled “Boy King”, I have an update. Unfortunately, I have decided to forego producing that record as well as the following two EP’s I had planned to tackle in the next year and a half. My hope in making these EP’s was to follow a chronological path in the evolution of my music by capturing songs from times past (post 2004’s Fury & Spin) leading up to three full length records that best represent my current catalogue of music. Upon returning to that previous music however, in order to record scratch tracks, find a studio, musicians, and come up with a budget, I suddenly felt a strong sense of displeasure and resentment that immediately challenged the spirit of the initiative altogether and gave me a bad taste in my mouth. Put simply, my heart was not in it. There may have also been a unnecessary desire to seek validation for a music I had already made a conscience decision to move away from. Returning to it just did not make sense.

Moving forward, my plan is now to record a full length record entitled “Carousel” by years end.  Plans for this record are in development, but there will soon be a call for creative design ideas from you for the album artwork.

I can’t wait to share this body of work with you. Stay tuned for song titles, lyrics, themes, and other information!

So sorry for the delay and possible false hope. I’m quite sure you will be delighted with what I have in mind.

Happy 4th,




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